Purchase Notes

1.1 Subject to your compliance with this Agreement and relevant laws and regulations, Miidii Tech hereby grants you a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use our service.

1.2 You fully understand that, there are objectively existing incompatibilities in different operating systems, and such objectively existing incompatibilities cannot be attributed to us, thus your purchase in one operating system may not be transferred to another. In order to use pro features in a different operating systems, you need to purchase again.

1.3 You fully understand and agree that to provide better service to users, we is entitled to make adjustments, updates or optimization to relevant content of the service (including but not limited to the features, interface design and performance).

1.4 You fully understand and agree that software bugs, version update flaws, third-party virus attacks, or any other factors, which may lead to the non functionality or data abnormality. We'll try our best to maintain all the features.

1.5 The provision of service by Miidii Tech is a commercial activity, for which the user is entitled, at his/her own discretion, to decide whether or not to pay associated fees to obtain the corresponding service, according to the list of charging features issued by us. You are unable to enjoy certain services if you fail to pay the fees according to the relevant charging rates.

You acknowledge and agree that changes or adjustments to the charging items or charging rates are normal business activities and you shall not request us to indemnify or compensate you for any change or adjustment to the charging items or charging rates.

1.6 We does not grant you the right to obtain any services from any third-party by purchasing, accepting gifts or other ways. We will not be responsible for any Third-party Transaction (Third-party Transaction refers to your behaviors to purchase, accept gifts or by other ways to obtain any service from a third- party ), and will not accept any complaint arising from the disputes of third-party transactions.