OffScreen 和系统屏幕使用时间有什么区别?

OffScreen 是系统「屏幕使用时间」的完美搭档,不仅可以帮助你从更人性化的维度分析你的屏幕使用时间,还可以通过翻转手机帮助你集中注意力,防止沉迷手机。设计精美的卡片也更适合分享哦!

What is the difference between OffScreen and system screen usage time?

OffScreen is the perfect companion to the system's screen usage time, not only helps you analyze your screen usage time from a more humane dimension, but also helps you focus on flipping your phone to prevent indulging your phone. Beautifully designed cards are also more suitable for sharing!

为什么 OffScreen 数据不够准确?

首先请确定 OffScreen 所需的各项权限都已开启,并且没有被上划强制退出。正常使用时,OffScreen 与系统屏幕使用时间数据误差每天不会超过十五分钟,如果你的数据仍然有问题,请通过设置中的反馈问题联系开发人员协助解决。

Why is the OffScreen measuring my screen time, but inaccurately?

First, make sure that the permissions required for OffScreen are turned on and that OffScreen is not forced to quit by swipe up. In normal use, OffScreen and system screen usage time data error will not exceed fifteen minutes per day. If your data still has problems, please contact the developer to help solve the problem through the feedback in the settings.

OffScreen 需要一直在后台运行来统计数据吗?

是的,OffScreen 必须保持后台运行来统计屏幕使用时间。请确保打开 OffScreen 之后不要在多应用界面上划退出它。

Does OffScreen need to be running in the background to work properly?

Yes, OffScreen must remain running in the background to count screen usage time. Be sure not to quit it by swipe up on the multi-application interface after opening OffScreen.


OffScreen 是不是很耗电?

不,正常情况一天内,我使用屏幕 7 小时,OffScreen 保持后台运行 24 小时,在电池界面的耗电量不会超过 1%。电池界面的耗电百分比是根据总耗电量决定的,如果 OffScreen 帮助你更少的使用屏幕,它的百分比会变得更高,但实际值不会改变。

Will OffScreen drain my battery significantly?

No, under normal circumstances, I use the screen for 7 hours, OffScreen keeps running in the background for 24 hours, and the power consumption on the battery interface does not exceed 1%. The percentage of power consumed by the battery interface is determined by the total power consumption. If OffScreen helps you use the screen less, its percentage will become higher, but the actual value will not change.

OffScreen 可以统计不同应用的使用时间吗?


Can OffScreen count the usage time of different applications?

No, we haven't found a suitable method to count the time spent on each application. But in the future, we will continue to explore.

OffScreen 为什么需要地理位置权限?

为了准确的统计你的屏幕使用时间,OffScreen 需要保持在后台运行。

如果你担心个人隐私问题,你的任何数据都只会存储在本地或者你的 iCloud 数据库中,我们承诺不会将你的数据提供给任何第三方服务。

Why does OffScreen require location permissions?

To accurately count your screen usage time, OffScreen needs to remain running in the background.
If you are concerned about personal privacy issues, any of your data will only be stored locally or in your iCloud database, and we promise not to provide your data to any third party services.

OffScreen 将数据存储在哪里?安全吗?

所有数据都被安全的存储在你的设备和你的 iCloud 账户数据中,我们承诺不会将你的数据提供给任何第三方服务。

Where does OffScreen store data? is it safe?

All data is stored securely on your device and your iCloud account data, and we promise not to provide your data to any third party service.


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